Star Awards 2012 winners revealed!
Monday, April 30, 2012
Posted @ 1:33 PM

And so, Star Awards 2012 has concluded the following winners:

(Comparing with my predictions... probably only the Acting categories I'm not that accurate, 'cos I really hardly watch dramas. But, I definitely have no other winners in mind other than Zoe Tay for Best Actress.)

From last week's Show 1:

I really missed this show! All of them are so funny!

Most Popular Variety Host! Bryan won it! After weeks of hard fought voting!

Yesterday's Show 2:

Best Variety Show Host:
Mark Lee《国记交意所 2》It's a Small World II

Best Info-ed Programme Host:
Lee Teng (Let's Talk 2 《你在囧什么?! 2》)

Best Actor:
Tay Ping Hui (Bountiful Blessings 《万福楼》)

Best Actress:

Joanne Peh (A Tale of 2 Cities 《乐在双城》)

Best Supporting Actor:
Chen Shu Cheng (《行医》The Oath)
(Am really glad and touched that another veteran actor has claimed his rightful win!)

Best Supporting Actress:
Vivian Lai (《四个门牌一个梦》 Love Thy Neighbour)

Best Newcomer:

Kate Pang (A Tale of 2 Cities 《乐在双城》)

Best News Presenters:

Tung Soo Hua and Zhang Haijie

Best Current Affairs Presenters:

Iriana Halim《早安您好》Good Morning Singapore and Chun-Ong Guek Lay《焦点》Focus

Best Drama Serial:
On the Fringe 《边缘父子》

Best Variety Programme:

Renaissance 《旧欢. 心爱》

Best Variety Special:

Star Awards 2011 (Show 1) 《银光闪耀 红星大奖2011》

Best Info-ed Programme:

Tuesday Report 2011: Applaud to Life 《星期二特写: 谢幕人生》

The Most Earth-shattering Award winner this year was the same as last year's. zzz.


Bryan won his 9th Top 10 award! One more to 神台! YAY!

And am really elated by the fact that Kym won Top 10! You came back! :DD

YAY! Thanks to all who helped to vote and support
Bryan & Kym!!
Very very much appreciated! It's wonderful seeing them getting the award up on stage! :D

PS: More photos from my FB! :D

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Star Awards 2012
Friday, April 27, 2012
Posted @ 8:38 PM

Sunday. 29 Apr. 7pm @ MBS . On Channel 8.

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Star Awards 2012 Nomination!
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Posted @ 5:57 PM

Top 40 Most Popular Male & Female artistes list is out today and it makes the whole nomination for the award show complete now!
8 HUAT AH! 8

Can also do online voting for Bryan & Kym here!
Online voting (50%) and poll voting (50%)
makes up the entire popularity results! Jia You!

Shall do the usual prediction.
Should be between Bryan, Mark and Pornsak. But judging based on the programme they are nominated with, Bryan's one is a new programme, so does Lee Teng, but Lee Teng has a co-host for this programme and he doesn't stand alone to host any segments, it's a pairing programme, so Bryan might stand a higher chance. Mark is a very strong competitor as well, because he displayed superb quick wits in the programme! Pornsak is a hot favourite as well.
And of course, I would always hope for Kym or Bryan to win anyway. :)

Bryan and Mark had better chances of winning it last year with this programme - Behind Every Job... this year... thinking in the shoes of judges again, they would probably choose the one who was nominated for a fresh programme. Christopher Lee, but honestly, I would think the other 4 has better hosting capabilities. Guo Liang ba. Hopefully it won't be a thorough shock like last year again.

Didn't really watch, or I should say, didn't watch any of the dramas they were nominated in, but based on guts feel, It's either Christopher Lee or Tay Ping Hui.

Yup. I did watch Ah Di. And no matter how many people have condemned this show, most of the actors/actresses in it performed really well, and one of them is Ah Jie - Zoe Tay. She brought out the maternal instincts in her acting, and I guess that comes very naturally on screen especially with 3 kids now. So yes, my choice is Zoe Tay.

Guts feel again, Chen Han Wei. Why else would you think they put him (whom everyone thought was supposed to be a lead) to be in the Best Supporting category?
Sorry to the other nominees, luck is tough this time.

I would have thought Kate Pang acted well in Devotion, but she's nominated for another show... which unfortunately, I didn't really catch it. My guess: Constance Song or Yvonne Lim.

Food Source has a tough competitor last year - Love on a Plate, this time round... since it's a sequel, might stand a lower chance now.

Best Variety Special
Star Awards Show 1(If you still remember the hosts mimicking characters in Breakout 破天网,
ChongQing as GuoLiang's 杨天威, GuoLiang as Elvin Ng's chocolate eating fella,
YiFong as Jeannete Aw's supposedly spilt personality character... It was a
fantasically great skit! HAHAHA)

Best Info-tainment Programme
I would think Daddy 101 makes a nice, heartwarming and lovely show. Behind The Job should officially have won it last year...
However much I would hope for either one to win, the winner will still probably be Tuesday Report again.
Secrets for Sale should win... but, guts feel, most probably C.L.I.F or A Song to Remember.
Well, you know the reason.

最喜爱综艺主持人 Favourite Variety Host
Bryan Wong (王禄江)
Fann Wong (范文芳)
Mark Lee (李国煌)
Vivian Lai (赖怡伶)

最喜爱男角色 Favourite Male Character
Tay Ping Hui (郑斌辉)-Xie Donghai (谢东海)Bountiful
Blessings 《万福楼》

Elvin Ng (黄俊雄) - Teo Kwee Xiang (张贵祥)C.L.I.F

Ian Fang (方伟杰) - Jason On The Fringe

Edwin Goh (吴劲威) - Yao Zhi Yong (姚志勇)On The Fringe

Christopher Lee (李铭顺) - Guoen (吴国恩)The Oath《行医》

最喜爱女角色 Favourite Female Character
Rui En (瑞恩) - Zhang Ya Le 章雅乐A Tale Of Two Cities

Cynthia Wang (王心如) - Lin Shan Shan (林珊珊)Devotion

Ann Kok (郭舒贤) - Feng Yueman (冯月满)Kampong Ties

Kimberly Chia (谢静仪) - Ah Ya (阿雅)On The Fringe

Jesseca Liu (刘子绚) - Yang Min Fei (杨敏妃)The Oath

《Systema灿烂笑容奖》Systema Charming Smile Award

Joanne Peh (白薇秀)
Elvin Ng (黄俊雄) ('Cos he is the endorser what)
Paige Chua (蔡琦慧)
Romeo Tan (陈罗密欧)

最喜爱荧幕情侣 Favourite On-screen Couple

Joanne Peh (白薇秀) - Leow Xin Yi (廖心怡) &
Qi Yu Wu (戚玉武) - Tang Yew Jia (唐耀佳)
C.L.I.F 《警徽天职》

Rui En (瑞恩) - Ou Ke Lu (欧可璐) & Elvin Ng (黄俊雄) - Song Ya Zai (宋亚仔)
Code of Honour 《正义武馆》

Li Nan Xing (李南星) - Tian Yi Bang (田一邦) & Fann Wong (范文芳) - Liu Jiali (刘佳丽)
On The Fringe《边缘父子》

Rui En (瑞恩) - Wang Jia Zhen (王佳珍) & Pierre Png (方展发) - Xiao Jian Hai (萧建海)
The In-Laws 《麻婆斗妇》

Jesseca Liu (刘子绚) - Yang Min Fei (杨敏妃) & Christopher Lee (李铭顺) - Wu Guo En (吴国恩)
The Oath 《行医》

《行医》最佳主题曲 Best Theme Song
A Song to Remember《星洲之夜》
星洲之夜 - 主唱:许美静

Devotion 《阿娣》
倔强 - 主唱:陈洁仪

Kampong Ties 《甘榜情》
甘榜情缘 - 主唱:微恩

Secrets For Sale 《拍。卖》
缠斗 - 主唱:倪安东

The Oath 《行医》
救命 - 主唱:倪安东

最佳新人奖 Best Newcomer Award

Adeline Lim (林赞银) - Devotion 《阿娣》

Jeffrey Xu (徐鸣杰) - Devotion 《阿娣》

Kate Pang (庞蕾馨) - A Tale of 2 Cities 《乐在双城》(Like I said, I would have thought she did better in Devotion)

Romeo Tan (陈罗密欧) - C.L.I.F. 《警徽天职》
Sora Ma (马艺瑄) - Love Thy Neighbour 《四个门牌一个梦》

青苹果奖 Young Talent Award

Dong Lu Ying (董璐颖) - 饰演 小珊珊 Devotion《阿娣》
Justin Peng (彭修轩) - 饰演 小顺 On the Fringe《边缘父子》
Oh Ling En (胡菱恩) - 饰演 小思雯 Devotion 《阿娣》

Tan Jun Sheng (陈俊生) - 饰演 戴鼎新 Love Thy Neighbour《四个门牌一个梦》
Yong Joe Yan (杨祖恩) - 饰演 小阿娣 Devotion 《阿娣》

最佳导演 Best Director

Chong Liung Man (张龙敏) C.L.I.F. 《警徽天职》 - Ep. 20
Kok Tzyy Haw (郭贽豪) Kampong Ties 《甘榜情》 - Ep 9
Leong Lye Lin (梁来玲) A Song to Remember 《星洲之夜》 - Ep. 13
Loo Yin Kam (卢燕金) A Tale of 2 Cities 《乐在双城》 - Ep. 14

Loo Yin Kam (卢燕金) Devotion 《阿娣》 - Ep. 1

最佳剧本 Best Screenplay

Paul Yuen (袁树伟) /Tang Yeow (陈耀)
A Tale of 2 Cities (乐在双城) - Ep. 1

Koh Teng Liang (许声亮)
Kampong Ties《甘榜情》 - Ep 10

Lim Gim Lan (林锦兰)/Lau Chin Poon (刘清盆)/ Winnie Wong

Love Thy Neighbour 《四个门牌一个梦》 - Ep. 9
Ang Eng Tee (洪荣狄)

On the Fringe 《边缘父子》- Ep. 16

Chen Sew Khoon (陈秀群)/ Lau Chin Poon (刘清盆)
The In-laws 《麻婆斗妇》 - Ep. 11

最佳综艺编导 Best Variety Producer

Alfred Yeo (杨居辐)
It's a Small World II 《国记交意所 2》

Elaine See (施意玲)
Mission Possible 《小村大任务》

Gan Bee Khim 颜美琴
Renaissance 《旧欢心爱》

Khow Hwai Teng (邱慧婷)
Tongue Twister 《巧言妙语》

Tay Lay Tin (郑丽贞)
Rail Thrill 《铁路次文化》

最佳综艺资料撰稿 Best Variety Research Writer

Hon Sher Ee (潘雪忆)
Food Source 2 《食在好源头 2》

Lin Shih Han (林诗涵)
HDB Tai Tai III 《HDB 太太 3》

Ng Jin Puay (黄仁佩)
Tongue Twister 《巧言妙语》

Ng Sei Fong (吴雪枫)
Chef Apprentice 《名厨实习生》

Sheffie Liang (梁雪慧)
Rail Thrill 《铁路次文化》

最佳宣传短片 Best Programme Promo

Adventures of Chris 《阿顺历险记》
Campaign, 3 Spots

Follow Me 《跟随我》
Single Spot

Renaissance 《旧欢. 心爱》
Single Spot
(I remembered this very well... A family being very happy over the "death" of an old man in a hospital, when you would have thought that this was some kind of trailer regarding family politics, it turns out that they were happy 'cos the old man could be injected with a new life and look young and brand new again! I remember the tagline was 注入新生命.)

Secrets for Sale 《拍。卖》
Campaign, 3 Spots

Unriddle 2 《最火搭档 2》
Campaign, 3 Spots

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Knock Knock!
Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Posted @ 6:33 PM

Who's There?

Ha! Got to do on the judging part and it was a whole lot of fun because there's both my idols!! Enjoying the working day and had an uplifting mood that everyone noticed. HAHAHA.

Catch the season finale on 21 Mar, Wed @ 8pm on Ch 8!
Shall post a few pictures up tomorrow!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012
Posted @ 2:48 PM

6 Mar 2012


I was supposed to update this like almost one and a half months ago... but was busy to even use the computer when I'm home (like late or rarely). Left this hanging till now!

But still... Had to update about it.
Attended the Gala Premiere of Dance Dance Dragon 《龙众舞》 on 17th Jan and it was awesome!
Thanks to Kym for the tix! :DD

Lead role Long Ah Bee by Kym!

Bryan looking good! What a difference from his looks in the movie! Hahaha... as Uncle Long Ah Teck!

I had thought that this would be one of those typical Lunar New Year movies when I saw the trailer... which didn't quite attract me except for the fact that Bryan & Kym were starred in it...
Until I actually watch it at the premiere that actually surprised me!

The story was quite different from what I had imagined it to be, implementing different elements in the story like a little bit of sci-fi, human touch and festive mood!
I love the natural chemistry between the actors/actresses, and the baby! Too adorable not to love him. :D

You'll be able to relate to the story well, or even better if you understand dialects because there's quite a fair bit of expressions which when expressed in dialects brings out the essence of the joke/ descriptions.

A movie that is really suitable for the whole family!
Watched it twice and laughed at both times hard~ hahahaha...

Kym, you are really suitable to go into acting, not just comedic roles, but any roles. Ha! You are one talented actress with a natural sense in acting!

There's something that you can take away at the end of the movie too - laughters and reflection of happiness. :)

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Conclude 2011
Saturday, December 31, 2011
Posted @ 2:00 PM

A year which is very much occupied.

Started on my part-time U studies in July, together with work, is draining.

Lucky for me that Dad picks me up after school... <3 and helps me catch bugs too. :DD
And whenever I thought of the dishes made by Mum at home, it simply helps me get by any difficult times in the day. :))

Have been missing meet ups and gatherings here and there... sometimes so much so that a weekend without anything just gets so precious.

Still cherishing times and moments with people I care and love, especially Mum & Dad.

Extremely happy about Kym winning Best Variety Show Host this year. :D

Got an
exclusive contact no. (Hehe)

Very... erm. Forgetful year. Had been leaving things in office... colleagues had been helping me Kio Sai. HA!

Accidents happened to people around me. =/

Made a decision on a new venture related to my studies.

Finally got my FT in Nov after much time waited.

Done a lot online shopping (because it just gets so convenient!) that I need to just stop!!

Experienced a new form in job.

Starting to love travel shows and sometimes documentaries.

Am grateful for the kindness from the people around me. And so,
Wishing you all a great 2012 ahead!
May Happiness & Wellness stays with you!


Going for countdown later on!

The new year.
Working harder. Making changes.
Hoping for less worries.
Wishing for more happies.

The world is not gonna end in 2012, because I say so.

Also looking forward to the LNY Movie - 龙众舞 by idols!

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December terror
Thursday, December 8, 2011
Posted @ 11:36 PM

A busy busy... busy month.

Studying and working with the busy schedule we have now... is really.
Waking up at 530am almost everyday, 3 consecutive days of class till 10pm... on some days that I don't have class, work ends at 630pm (if on time)... and working on Saturdays as well. Weekends doesn't mean anything man.

I'm missing those times that I can go home straight after work!~

Not been using the computer much... I mean, ok it's an ironic statement here. I do use the computer ALL the time, but at work. Not when I'm home... which can be seen from how much I blog these days... Don't really have the time to catch up dramas too! >.

Am just waiting for Christmas to come, not becuase of the pressies or the occasion. But for the compulsory block leave days that we all have to take. The time when I would really have a break.

I guess this would be one of those times that I wonder how I strive through, so I better record it down. Heh.
Had a revenge sleeping last Saturday, slept 12 hours, wake up to eat, and go back to sleep for another 4 hours. Been a long time since I did that. The last time... was probably after the Exams & Projects in Poly days~ Haha!

Ngor Wei Deng Ju Ga!~

Anyway, enjoyed editing idols' show*... 'cos I was given the chance to piece it to the style and pace according to my feel, and watching it today makes it all awesome. Watch it roll! Woo!

oh OH OH! How could I forget. Amidst all these happenings, there's one great thing.
I'm a FT as of 25 . Nov. 11. :D

*SMRT Challenge 2011

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The Stars
Posted @ 10:34 PM

Wow. Been almost a month since my last update.
Singapore Hit Awards was great 'cos I get to hear LIVE singing from the awesome singers~
Especially impressed when Ding Dang sang 我是一只小小小小鸟!

Olivia's voice was soothing...

and Sun Yan Zi! Superb and even better!

and Derrick! He has improved a lot in his showmanship! Can dance, can play piano, can sing!

Got to hear Hu Xia sing 《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》's theme song too~

It was a night of great music! Enjoyed it!

And of course, the last month was also a book affair 'cos Bryan launched his book - Come Fly With Me, all about his travel and experiences.

The book launch was a very personal and nice
session 'cos all the readers got to sit beside him and watch him signing on the book, then take a picture with him!

Then there was Kym's 名厨出走记 (Love on a Plate) book launch too. The chefs and her shared the little interesting happenings during the filming of this dedicated and well-received programme.

Remember to grab yours at any Popular bookstore! :P
(Oh but those doesn't come with autograph though... =x)

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Friday, November 11, 2011
Posted @ 11:11 PM

The Ones date.
'One'-ted to post up some photos taken last weekend but ended up not being able to find the cable. :(

Will be a busy weekend, I mean, week ahead... I shall strive through with all the work plus fun that comes along! Excited much.

Shall update when I come back from watching Singapore Hit Awards 2011 again! WOOHOO!
Stefanie Sun!


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October shock
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Posted @ 7:26 PM

This October has not been very peaceful...
Shocking news struck me in the last couple of weeks of Oct... Hoping and wishing all is and will be well for everyone.

天有不测风云 。 人有旦夕祸福

Do take care everyone, for you know you are important to not just someone, but many, including me.

I shall look forward to happier months ahead! :) comment (0)

Monday, September 12, 2011
Posted @ 12:25 AM

Realised that I have put my blog in 'cold storage' for almost 2 months now... without any posts in August! Actually there are things to be remembered about...

Like on 9 Aug, our house was 'celebrated' with the colours of red on our doors, not because of National Day, but because of our neighbours. =/ Core of the problem is still not resolved, and they are gonna move out soon, but what will happen to us??

And on 17 Aug, which we had to vote for the new president, it is my 1st voting for presidential election too... and I also drove independently to school, to colleague's house and back home! Quite an accomplishment! Hehe... but I'm still quite hazardous...

And in September, I have completed going through the course of one module...
and finally the release of this!

It's A Great Great World

Bought it on Saturday, after our oktoLIVE reunion.... the reunion brought back so much memories and laughters and misses...

Talking about how we
Farm-Villed together, rushing to collect each other's golden eggs laid by the chickens, how I SMS Jov my FB password and ask her to help me harvest my strawberries at 2am... how we calculated the timing to cook on Cafe World so that we can serve the dishes when we got back to office after our LIVE show... how we visit each other's zoo in Zoo World everyday to get coins...

how we gossiped and laughed and worked and played all in that little cozy hot-desk room, played our 'Feeding Game' with Megs, e-mailed each other to ask if we want to lunch or go buy snacks together, check with each other at least twice or more to confirm the email we are going to send to boss & external parties...

how we are the free-est the day before our LIVE show because everything was prepared...

how we struggled through the last episode of of our LIVE show with 25 music tracks, lots of VTs/Supers to playback, lots of people to handle... in just a half an hour show. HAHAHAHA...!!

It was, it was... lots of beautiful memories that I, and all of us missed.

Just like, I think, how this movie has brought for the older generations. Watched it for the second time, still as heartwarming and funny! Love it much!

Hoping for a series to it. Shall watch the movie again with director's audio commentary tomorrow!

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